“When I tried the LifeGlider, I was amazed at my ability to walk hands free and move freely and upright without the pain stopping me from doing so. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the LifeGlider is!”
Geri Jewell, Actress, comedian & motivational speaker
“The LifeGlider frees me to do things that others take for granted. I can now stand and walk with my hands free – Priceless!”
Valorie McNamara, Unable to stand or walk hands-free before the LifeGlider
“This hands-free walker gives me freedom to interact with people on an equal level.”
Dina Garcia, Actress with cerebral palsy, previously wheel-chair bound
“The LifeGlider will change my life!”
Phoenix, 11 year old with cerebral palsy
“Without my LifeGlider, I would not be able to remain so independent. I continue to use my kitchen, shop, and walk when I otherwise couldn’t because of weakness and swelling in my legs.”
Ed, Cancer patient

About LifeGlider

Unlike all existing mobility devices, The Patented LifeGlider is restorative and enabling. Beyond providing point-to-point mobility, the LifeGlider anchors the body’s center of gravity to restore capabilities and daily function. Time in the device is enabling and results can be monitored over time to keep clinicians and loved ones engaged in progress through an embedded monitoring system. 

  • Restore
  • Empower
  • Free the Hands
  • Ensure Balance
  • Comfort for Extended Time
  • Support Proper Posture
  • Drive Proper Gait
  • Convenient and Practical
  • Re-Train Body and Brain
  • Affordable

Core Mobility Solutions – The LifeGlider Project

In October of 2015, Core Mobility Solutions was formed to bring the LifeGlider and related products to the mobility market. The LifeGlider™ Project has led to practical solutions for standing and walking — demonstrating revolutionary results for individuals with chronic conditions. Seniors also benefit dramatically by being enabled to stand and walk for extended time in comfort and safety. This enables people to be independent, engaged in life, while improving health and well-being. The product is currently in the final development stage with a number of prototype variations, including indoor and outdoor models. Various uses have been tested, including medical and workplace applications. The LifeGlider™ Project welcomes inquiries from potential partners for business development, manufacturing and sales.

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